UAD-ZQY03 full-frequency radio monitoring equipment

Advantages:full-band monitoring, omnidirectional 360° dead-angle-free detection, detection distance ≥15KM, covering more than 95% of mainstream drones in the market

Description:The radio spectrum monitoring system passively intercepts the graphic signals and remote control signals between the drone and the remote control to achieve passive detection, profiling, identification and positioning of the drone

Application Fields:The equipment is suitable for power plants, petroleum and petrochemicals, aviation airports, activity sites, breeding farms and other areas of essential low-altitude protection.

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UAD-ZQY03 full-frequency radio monitoring equipment

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It can realise the monitoring and alarming of the UAV's map transmission and remote control signals, with the functions of direction measurement, identification and positioning of the UAV, with the function of black-and-white list, combined with the identification database, it can identify the model of the UAV and the manufacturer, and the equipment network can also locate and track the UAV, and display the position and trajectory on the electronic map in real time.

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Product Features

Wide detection rangeomnidirectional 360 ° detection, no dead angle, detection distance ≥ 15KM, wide detection range;

Identify all modelscovering more than 95% of the mainstream UAVs in the market;

high precisionHigh accuracy of angle and distance measurement of the target;

Customised detection bandsfull-frequency detection can also be pre-set fixed frequency;

Low false alarm rateData fusion processing, reduce false alarm rate, reduce personnel workload.

Automated searchOne-key automatic search, intelligent detection;


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We are committed to the overall planning from the initial project consulting and products, to the program design, selection and configuration, and then to the construction of the project, according to the different needs of each customer's project, tailored to the competitive integration of intelligent solutions, to help customers get a better protection effect.

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