UADS-ZG13Trolley Box Detection and Combat System

Advantages:Portable design for rapid deployment to anti-drone sites

Description:The system adopts the integrated design of detection and strike, and combines the UAV detection and countermeasure system, which is mainly used for detection, identification and interference countermeasures of UAVs in flight state.

Application Fields:Tailor-made solutions On-site guidance for installation

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UADS-ZG13Trolley Box Detection and Combat System

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The device is composed of a detection system, an jamming system, and an operation terminal tablet, and is a highly integrated and portable anti-drone system. The trolley box design is convenient for rapid deployment of anti-drone sites, and it is flexible for various environments. The system integrates drone detection and jamming countermeasures, whether it is in the city, in the field or in extreme weather conditions, it can be quickly deployed and started work.

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Product Features

No personnel are requiredAutomatic detection and countermeasures can be set up 7×24 hours according to the plan, which is not affected by bad weather and does not require personnel to be on duty.

multi-modelIt can accurately detect, identify and interfere with more than 200 models of DJI series, WIFI, time-passing machine, analog map transmission, digital map transmission, etc.

Omni-directional detection interferenceThe high-power omnidirectional high-gain antenna is used to realize the detection, identification and interference countermeasures in the omnidirectional 360° airspace.

Long battery lifeEquipped with a large capacity battery, the battery life can reach more than 1.5 hours, to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system.

Customize frequency bands as neededMultiple interference modules can be expanded according to customer needs and actual use scenarios, and the frequency range can be expanded to customize 12 different frequency bands according to needs.

Chada integrationThe system scientifically combines the radio detection system and the radio countermeasures system, and a set of equipment can complete the detection, identification and interference countermeasures of UAVs.


Tailor-made solutions On-site guidance for installation

The system adopts an integrated design, which can be applied to low-altitude protection in power plants, petroleum and petrochemical, aviation airports, public security and justice, supervision places, activity sites and other fields.

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