Public safety Cases

Public safety Cases

Recommended:UAV Detection and Interfere device

Advantage:Large range, long distance, and multi-point deployment

Application:Government agencies, event security, confidentiality units



  • UAV DetectionDP-024
  • UAV InterfereXT02-GD1
  • UAV InterfereDZ06-PRO4
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According to Article 15 of the Measures for the Administration of Public Security of Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, it is prohibited for civil unmanned aerial vehicles to fly over the following areas: (1) the clearance protection area of military and civil aviation airports (temporarily within the range of 10 kilometers on both sides of the airport runway centerline and 20 kilometers on both ends of the runway); (2) Railways, highways, and their respective 50 meter ranges, ordinary highways, waterways, and their respective 20 meter ranges; (3) Key prevention and control target areas related to national economy, people's livelihood, national security, and public safety, such as government agencies, military, communication, water supply, power supply, energy supply, storage of hazardous chemicals, large-scale material reserves, and regulatory venues.

With the popularity and development of drones, situations such as commercial resource leakage, privacy theft, large-scale public event security, and personal injury caused by improper operation of illegal drones have occurred in public safety scenarios. How to avoid the adverse effects caused by drones has become a problem that public event organizers have to consider.


For public safety activities, there are both centralized single point defense zone scenarios and large-scale and long-distance multi-point deployment scenarios. Based on years of practical experience, SZMID proposes the following two types of solutions:

Area protection:

Radio detection, fixed interference equipment, portable interference equipment, and control platform can be selected. The equipment is installed at the commanding heights within the defense zone, and in conjunction with portable interference equipment, it can monitor drones within a radius of 5 kilometers 24/7. It can also drive off and forcibly land drones within a radius of 3 kilometers.

Urban level protection:

Multiple radio detectors, jammers, navigation decoys, and control platforms can be selected to build a large protective zone with automated operation control and intelligent data analysis, processing, and monitoring warning capabilities, combined with fixed and mobile monitoring, and integrated drone monitoring and control.

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