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Low-altitude defense and control system for UAVs, providing full-time, full-coverage, and comprehensive prevention and control management.


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SZMID's low-altitude 3D UAV defense system is an integrated solution combining early warning, real-time monitoring, target engagement, and post-event analysis. It features unified command and control, global situational display, target identification, strategy configuration, intelligence processing, and status monitoring. Utilizing multimedia methods and an information network, it enables organic interaction among subsystems for detecting and managing "low, small, and slow" aerial targets.
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01Intelligent ·Identify and Track Targets

Based on morphology and machine learning, intelligent and visual target identification and tracking are achieved for UAV detection in complex environments, mastering adaptive scene-changing target identification and tracking technology.

02Fast & Accurate ·Radio Detection

Based on multi-feature matching of UAV flight control signals, this method achieves fast, accurate, and stable detection for UAV radio detection in complex electromagnetic environments, building an effective early warning system.

03Adaptive ·Radar Detection Technology

Utilizing transmission waveforms and reception processing to enhance radar detection performance in complex environments, targeting low-altitude UAV detection in urban settings, and driving core technology to empower the counter-UAV industry based on market needs.

04Real-time ·Navigation Deception Technology

Using fake satellite navigation signal generation, real-time multi-mode deceptive signals are transmitted to deceive UAVs in terms of position, speed, and time, leading to diversion, forced landing, or capture based on different strategies.


The Case

Public safety Solution

With the popularity and development of drones, situations such as commercial resource leakage, privacy theft, large-scale public event security, and personal injury caused by improper operation of illegal drones have occurred in public safety scenarios. H

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