Petroleum Industry Cases

Petroleum Industry Cases

Recommended:UAV Detection and Interfere device

Advantage:Large range, long distance, and multi-point deployment

Application:Oil extraction factories, refineries



  • UAV DetectionQP-034
  • Deception systemYP-012
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Industry demand

Petroleum and petrochemical facilities are the first level key protection units of national security management and anti-terrorism prevention, and also the key units of national production safety management. Their responsibilities for UAV defense and low altitude safety prevention are heavier than Mount Tai.

According to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the industry standard Requirements for Security and Anti terrorism Prevention in Petroleum and Petrochemical Systems (GA 1551-2019) issued by the Ministry of Public Security on March 28, 2019, oil and gas field enterprises, oil refining and chemical enterprises, and product oil and natural gas sales enterprises need to be equipped with anti UAV Active Defense systems, and put forward clear technical requirements for the system:

The signal transmission power should be ≤ 10mW;

The system should be able to automatically work continuously for 24 hours without the need for personnel on duty;

The system should obtain a nationally recognized explosion-proof certificate.


According to the technical requirements of the unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures system in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, SZMID proposes a solution of radio detection, navigation deception, and back-end control platform. It uses radio detection equipment to detect, identify, alarm, locate, and measure the direction of the unmanned aerial vehicle. It uses navigation deception equipment to deceive and dispose of the "black flying" unmanned aerial vehicle, and drives or forcibly lands the unmanned aerial vehicle outside the control range, The backend control platform monitors the entire process and conducts comprehensive statistical analysis of detection data, evaluation data, process records, and disposal results.

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