UAD-ZB02 Explosion-proof Drone Warning Instrument

Advantages:Self-developed, explosion-proof shell, detection radius of up to 3km, can detect and identify more than 90% of common civilian drone models, and accurately achieve alarms.

Description:quickly captures drone signals in the air and detects and warns of signal types such as LB, LB2, Ocusync 1.0 and above protocols, WiFi, Enhanced WiFi, FM (traverser) and more

Application Fields:Man-portable equipment for oil and gas fields, refineries and chemical, refined oil and natural gas plants, for over-the-horizon drone detection and early warning

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UAD-ZB02 Explosion-proof Drone Warning Instrument

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independently developed low-power digital-analogue hybrid receiver technology and advanced power management technology, using external ultra-wideband antenna, detection radius up to 3 km. It can detect and identify more than 90% of common civil UAV models (including quadcopter, fixed-wing, DIY, traverser, etc.), and accurately realise sound, light and vibration alarms, and at the same time, realise a very low false alarm rate of less than 1 time/day in the complex electromagnetic environment.

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Product Features

explosion-proofExplosion proof, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for oil and gas fields, chemical industry, etc

PortableSmall size, light weight, portable, earthquake resistant and fall resistant

Identify multiple modelsCan identify various drone models such as mainstream, WiFi, and traversal aircraft

Low false alarm rateAverage false alarm rate<1 time/day

Collaborative useIt can be used independently or in collaboration with a reaction gun

Long battery lifeBuilt in high-quality battery, with a battery life of ≥ 6 hours


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