UAV Navigation Deception System

Advantages:Effective for most brands of drones, capable of achieving 360 ° all-round defense

Description:Intercept and control drones that require navigation systems for flight control, preventing them from flying into protected areas

Application Fields:It is used in government agencies, national defense and military industry, aviation airports, regulatory sites, oil storage warehouses, hazardous chemical plants, power facilities, large-scale activities and other no fly areas

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UAV Navigation Deception System

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The drone navigation deception system invades the "black flying" drone navigation system by radiating low-power regenerative navigation satellite signals, thereby achieving interception and control of drones that need to use navigation systems for flight control, preventing them from flying into protected areas and ensuring low altitude safety in the area.

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Product Features

Multiple functional modelsmost brands of drones are effective

360 ° omnidirectional defenseAdopting omnidirectional cylindrical antennas to achieve 360 ° omnidirectional defense

Long action distancethe action radius is greater than 500 meters, and the maximum can reach 1000 meters

24/7 adherenceNo personnel needed to stand guard, can work continuously for 24 hours.


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