DP02-GD Anti Drone Equipment

Advantages:Compared to omnidirectional interference, the targeting is more precise, the impact on the surrounding environment is minimal, and the reliability is higher.

Description:Transmitting directional interference signals to disable drone navigation and communication, enabling forced return, landing, or repelling.

Application Fields:Suitable for three-dimensional defense against "low, slow, and small" drone targets in complex urban electromagnetic environments

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DP02-GD Anti Drone Equipment

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Directional radio frequency jamming system uses high-gain directional jamming technology to transmit interference signals to detected suspicious targets, disabling drone satellite navigation, wireless control, and video transmission links, achieving forced landing or repelling of drones.

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Product Features

Long interference rangeEffective distance of 1.5~3 km (subject to variation depending on environment and drone model)

Fast response speedResponse time within 4 seconds

Precise targetingDirectional radio frequency interference signal emission, accurately targeting the desired area

Minimal secondary interferenceDirectional concentrated emission, resulting in less secondary interference to the surrounding environment

Fixed frequency band countermeasureCapable of suppressing common drone frequency bands such as 900M, 1.5G, 2.4G, 5.8GHz, simultaneously or independently

Expandable frequency band/powerCan be customized to add frequency bands and power levels according to client requirements


Rogue Drone Security Threats

Unauthorized drones can lead to the leakage of commercial resources, privacy invasions, collisions with power grids, flight disruptions, injuries from falling at large events, and smuggling contraband like tobacco, drugs, and weapons into prisons. In the face of the regulatory void for rogue drones, strong countermeasures must be taken to ensure aerial safety.

There Is a Drone in My Airspace! Now What?

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