Large scale event drone control plan to assist in the smooth progress of the event

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-06-16Update Time:2023-06-16

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With the continuous development of drone technology, the use of drones is becoming increasingly widespread. In large-scale events, the unrestricted flight of drones may pose a potential threat to the activity. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of activities, effective drone control measures need to be taken. This article will introduce a feasible drone control scheme for large-scale events.

Overview of the plan:

The drone control plan for large-scale events is mainly divided into three stages: early warning stage, monitoring stage, and interference stage. The following will be introduced separately:

Early warning stage:

Before the start of large-scale activities, pre set up drone control areas and use radar, optical cameras, and other equipment for drone warning. When a drone is detected, it will emit sound and light signals to remind the staff and update the drone's location information in a timely manner. At the same time, the UAV can also be controlled to land through Radio jamming.

Monitoring stage:

During large-scale activities, set up UAV control area, use advanced monitoring equipment for UAV monitoring, and prevent UAV intrusion through Radio jamming. When a drone is detected, it will automatically track and record it, and notify the staff in a timely manner. If necessary, Radio jamming can be carried out to control the landing or evacuation of UAV.

Interference stage:

If it is found that illegal individuals manipulate drones to maliciously attack activities, countermeasures should be taken immediately. Anti drone systems can be used for interference suppression, such as drone interference guns, radio frequency jammers, etc., to interfere with the control signal of the drone and cause it to lose control, causing the drone to return or land directly.

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