What is a drone navigation deception system? What is its purpose?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-06-19Update Time:2023-06-19

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As an emerging aircraft, drones have been widely used in military, civilian, entertainment and other fields. But at the same time, drones also bring some security risks and challenges, such as illegal invasion, malicious surveillance, terrorist attacks, etc. How to effectively defend and counter these threats? Traditional methods include interception, interference, destruction, etc., but each has its own limitations and risks. Today, we will introduce a new type of anti drone technology: navigation deception.

Navigation deception is a technology that uses satellite signals to deceive and control drones. Its working principle is to generate navigation satellite positioning coding signals with the same frequency and time synchronization through simulation, inject guidance information into the unmanned aerial vehicle navigation system, indirectly obtain flight control rights, and achieve various tactical functions such as no fly, drive off, and track guidance.

What are the advantages of navigation deception drone defense systems? Firstly, it can conduct omnidirectional or directional defense attacks on multi rotor or fixed wing drones in various stages such as standby, takeoff, cruise, and hover within the defense range. Secondly, it can control and guide the drone without damaging it, avoiding unnecessary losses or consequences. Finally, it can work in collaboration with other anti drone devices such as radar and electromagnetic interference devices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of countermeasures.

So, in which scenarios can navigation deception drone defense systems be used? For example, protecting leaders or VIPs from drone intrusion in important places or events; Preventing drones from conducting illegal reconnaissance or attacks in sensitive areas or facilities; Interfering or capturing enemy drones during military exercises or warfare; Command or coordinate friendly drones in public safety or emergency rescue.

In short, the navigation deception drone defense system is an innovative and efficient anti drone technology that can play an important role in various situations. If you would like to learn more about the system, please contact us by phone.

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