To ensure privacy and security, drone jammers can be used

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-06-08Update Time:2023-06-08

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In recent years, the number of UAVs has increased. If there are private areas such as airports, prisons, the military, Detention center, gas stations, government departments and private residential areas, a UAV suddenly appears. Most of the time, staff are at a loss, what should we do? At this point, if a drone jammer is used, it is easy to deal with drone "black flying" situations.

The drone jammer utilizes a method of jamming and blocking signals used by the drone's flight control system to achieve automatic return or landing without damaging or destroying the drone. The drone jammer mainly uses the 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz interference frequency bands, as well as the 1.5GHz frequency band commonly used by drones. By shielding or interfering with these frequency bands, the drone cannot receive signals emitted by the controller, forcing the drone to land or return, and avoiding drone "black flying" accidents in important buildings.

Due to the emergence of drone jammers and their stable performance, they are highly favored by customers, with various advantages such as small size, easy portability, wide range, and simple operation. Make it widely applicable, such as in some important areas where it is needed to ensure the safety of low altitude areas. The functions of drones can be selected according to different usage needs. Of course, multiple combinations can also be used together, which will provide more comprehensive protection for privacy places.

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