How to use drone countermeasures equipment reasonably?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-06-12Update Time:2023-06-12

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Reasonable use of drone countermeasures can have strong interference against illegally invading drones, causing them to make forced landings or return flights. There are many types of anti drone systems, and when selecting anti drone equipment, it is important to determine the type and conduct on-site testing to see if the anti drone equipment will have a better interference effect on the drone.

Developing an anti drone defense plan is necessary for achieving comprehensive drone defense. Fully understand the requirements, conduct on-site investigations, and combine different configurations of anti aircraft equipment based on the characteristics of the surrounding environment to effectively achieve the desired air defense effect.

At present, there are many drone countermeasures products on the market: handheld, fixed, in car, and so on. Handheld is more convenient to carry, fixed performance is more stable, and the prevention area is larger. In car, it is more suitable for the prevention of large movable areas. It is also important to develop effective deployment plans for drone countermeasures to achieve the expected prevention goals.

Different places or units have different needs, and the single task and normalized prevention goals are also different. For example, in gas stations and chemical plants, the most important thing to prevent is the risk of fire and explosion caused by drone explosions. It is necessary to consider implementing remote monitoring in each production area to prevent interference and damage to the factory caused by drone invasion. It is also necessary to consider the interference of surrounding buildings on radio detection. In airports, it is necessary to consider the normalization of full coverage of oversized clearance to prevent drone entry and disturbance. Different locations require different drone countermeasures, and the best choice is the one that is suitable.

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