How to implement drone countermeasures correctly?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-06-07Update Time:2023-06-07

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The development of drones started in the military field, and with the development of drones, it has brought new changes to society. It not only permeates multiple scenarios such as aerial photography, commercial performances, leisure and entertainment, but also enriches the service content and forms of the consumer industry.

But at the same time, it also brings hidden dangers to the public security of society, such as various unsafe factors such as sneaking photos, transporting drugs, and illegal flights, which are increasingly threatening public security security. So drone countermeasures are increasingly becoming a necessary consideration for major places such as public security, railways, urban security, forests, prisons, industrial zones, sports events, etc.

The high-frequency interference signals used by anti drones are usually in the conventional civilian frequency bands of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. As drones gradually enter daily life, technology for drone radio communication frequency bands has gradually developed.

Wireless signal interference technology is currently the main method in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures both domestically and internationally. Mainly through communication between drone signals, high-frequency wireless interference signals are sent to it to cover the drone signal, thereby achieving the goal of drone countermeasures.

However, with the improvement of communication encryption technology, the difficulty of cracking is increasing, and it is required to adapt to various drones in the market. The drone models that need to be regularly updated and sold have high costs. The development of drone countermeasures, the establishment of reasonable regulations to achieve effective supervision, the capture of illegal drones, and the orderly development of drones have become urgent problems to be solved.

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