What are the characteristics of unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures systems

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-06-08Update Time:2023-06-08

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At present, the anti drone technology in the industry is becoming increasingly prominent and widely promoted. In this field, the advantages of anti drones are increasing, and their advantages have been clearly reflected in recent times. Utilizing drone countermeasures to showcase different technical features for capturing drones. What are the advantages of this system that can be reflected in?

Wireless signals and optoelectronic technologies are the foundation of the drone countermeasures system. The accuracy of System identification of UAV is continuously improved, monitoring UAV and providing information as required. From a design perspective, the working mode of this system can reflect its diversity, and it is easy to operate under certain conditions, making it convenient to use and also a major advantage.

The current drone countermeasures system has actually undergone different changes from before. During work, there is no need for 24-hour duty, and multiple methods can be used to attack drones, such as using signal suppression to cut off the connection between the drone and the controller, causing the drone to lose its navigation ability; By detecting the drone, conducting a series of data analysis on it, transmitting similar frequency band signals, inducing it, and successfully capturing it; It can also locate the specific location of the drone and conduct physical attacks or destruction, which is also the simplest and most brutal means.

Now, there is gradually a market demand for unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures, with more diverse functions and expanded advantages. At the same time, based on on-site needs and practical experience, the system is further improved.

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