Overview of drone countermeasures

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-11Update Time:2023-04-11

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With the changes and development of drone spectrum detection technology, the demand for drones is increasing day by day. Small commercial multi axis drones have become popular consumer products due to their small size, low noise, convenient carrying, and simple operation. At present, the domestic and international drone market is developing rapidly, and more and more drone enthusiasts have their own drones. However, the problems arising from this are also becoming increasingly prominent. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) not only bring convenience to users for high-altitude photography and aerial mounting, but also pose great challenges and safety hazards to the public and law enforcement personnel.

A series of unsafe problems caused by UAVs, such as peeping at important places (units), illegal surveying and mapping, carrying too many words and banners, falling and injuring people, threatening the normal operation of airliner, etc. It has attracted attention from all walks of life to the hidden dangers of drones. In certain specific areas, drone flights are prohibited, such as airports, nuclear power facilities, military administrative zones, satellite launch towers, national strategic resource projects, government departments, etc. Then there is the protection of classified areas: public prosecution systems, prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, secret institutions, important safety places, large-scale sports events, large-scale entertainment activities, archaeological excavation sites, trade secret information, and prevention and control of illegal and criminal behaviors based on drones. For this reason, various regions have restricted corresponding drone flight rules and established relevant management departments, but this has not effectively prevented drones from violating social security. In the past two years, dangerous incidents such as drone intrusion into government agencies, airport takeoff and landing routes, iconic buildings, and military bases have continued to emerge one after another.

In response to the above issues, it is necessary to monitor drones to further eliminate illegal flying drones. The drone counting system consists of fixed monitoring counting stations, mobile vehicle monitoring counting stations, handheld counting devices, low altitude radar systems, optoelectronic systems, etc. It can detect and counter drones in all directions. By utilizing physical principles, drones can be forced to land or return without causing harm to third parties, thus effectively controlling illegal flight situations.

The above is an overview of the principles of drone countermeasures, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

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