What aspects can drone countermeasures be used in?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-06-06Update Time:2023-06-06

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With the development of electronic information and technology, science and technology have gradually changed our lives and played a very important role in the progress of modern society. The use of drones has many uses in daily life, ranging from city management to express delivery. But everything has two sides, and there are also some people who take advantage of the powerful functions of drones to take advantage of it. At this time, in order to ensure environmental and information security, it is necessary to use drone countermeasures correctly.

Mainly used in the following aspects:

1. Drones falling and injuring people

During the flight of unmanned aerial vehicles, they may be affected by wind and weather conditions, as well as their own load-bearing capacity, which may result in improper use, falling and injuring people.

2. Stop the phenomenon of black flying

In 2017, drones disrupted the order of Chengdu Airport, causing a very serious impact, and the discussion on black flying reached a climax. Civilized use of drones has become a form of social civilization, and in order to ensure the normal progress of social order, drone countermeasures are required to forcibly land black flying drones.

3. Drones are used as tools for transporting drugs

Drones have the characteristics of convenience, strong concealment, and high destructive power. Used by some illegal elements as a tool for surveying the environment and carrying dangerous and harmful substances. When abnormal drones are detected, it is necessary to use drone countermeasures equipment for countermeasures. Drones themselves can easily become tools for criminals to commit crimes, and detection and supervision are difficult, leading to social security crises and psychological panic among the people.

4. Peeping into the privacy of others

Privately breaking into residential buildings and entering confidential places. When drones carry cameras and become surveillance tools, peering and spying above people's hard to reach heads, the victims often fall short of their superiority.

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