China's public security police force, anti unmanned machine guns will become standard equipment

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-05-16Update Time:2023-05-16

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I believe many friends are familiar with drones. With the development of technology and the prosperity of life, the number of drones is increasing, and the types of drones are also diverse. Some drones pursue height, some drones pursue photography, and even in agricultural planting, drones are being used. However, with the increase in the number of drones, the threat they pose is also increasing. Therefore, our police force is equipped with anti drone rifles, which are mainly used to deal with drones. So, how much role has the drone equipment played in China's police force? Today, let's talk about this issue.

At present, the field of drones is mixed, and there is no unified standard for various types of drones, and many drones do not meet the standards. After the drone is launched, there may be issues such as falling. Please note that drones can fall from tens to hundreds of meters in the air, posing a threat to the safety of the public, as the danger is comparable to falling objects from high altitude.

Most people use drones for hobbies such as photography and agriculture. However, drones can also be used for illegal and criminal activities. For example, in border areas, some criminals can use drones to smuggle contraband goods, and can also use the drone's camera function to monitor the situation around them. This is very unfavorable for the arrest of public security organs, as the use of drones for transportation makes it easy to hide and escape.

In foreign countries, there have been cases of using drones to carry explosives and dangerous goods, causing casualties and causing local panic. For example, in densely populated areas, if criminals use drones to carry explosives, the consequences cannot be imagined. In addition, drones can also be used for behaviors such as peeping into the privacy of others. So, there is no problem with using drones reasonably and legally. But once drones are used for criminal activities, various problems will arise. Due to drones being in the air, it is a very important issue for public security organs to crack down on and obtain evidence.

How to combat the crime of using drones, the police force in China began to study this issue in the early 21st century. Drones are very flexible, and in the air, this is the advantage of drones. How to strike drones is crucial, and using helicopters to strike drones is not suitable because drones generally operate at ultra-low altitudes. If helicopters operate at ultra-low altitudes, there will be significant risks. In addition, helicopters are expensive and belong to outside of first and second tier cities. Ordinary prefecture level cities simply do not have the financial resources to purchase police helicopters. Although ordinary firearms can shoot down drones, they bring more problems, such as falling objects from high altitude.

With the development of technology and the progress of the times, China's police force has begun to equip anti unmanned machine guns. It is worth noting that the anti drone gun is not a real gun, it does not fire bullets, but is an electromagnetic gun. Generally speaking, the distance between the drone and the remote control is relatively limited. The anti drone gun can emit an electromagnetic signal that interferes with the connection between the drone and the remote control, forcing the drone to return to the takeoff point or make a safe forced landing, thus achieving the best effect of interfering with the drone. The police forces in first tier cities and provincial capital cities across China are basically equipped with a certain number of anti unmanned machine guns to carry out their tasks. For example, in areas with high traffic volume, anti unmanned machine guns and anti drone equipment may be deployed.

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