UAV countermeasures can be implemented in the face of black flying

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-06-06Update Time:2023-06-06

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In recent years, media exposure of drone black flying incidents has become increasingly frequent, causing huge economic losses to society and seriously damaging low altitude airspace security. If necessary, drone countermeasures should be adopted. What is the reason for the drone's black fly?

The cost of drones is low. Compared with manned aircraft, drones have the advantages of small size, low cost, convenient use, and strong survival ability. Drones used for aerial photography are usually thousands to tens of thousands, and drones used for agriculture are only tens of thousands of yuan per unit. The low-cost advantage has made drones particularly popular in various industries.

Nowadays, drones are widely used. Drones can be applied to multiple industries, including aerial photography, surveying, agricultural spraying, material distribution, power inspection, and even military detection and attack, all of which cannot be separated from the presence of drones. The drone industry is developing too fast, and relevant management regulations need to be improved. At present, our country has not yet formulated regulations to restrict the flight of drones, and black flying is rampant. It is necessary to take countermeasures against drones to this end.

Nowadays, drone countermeasures still need to continuously break through technological barriers and expand their application fields. At present, drone countermeasures have been applied in various fields such as airports, prisons, and the military, but there are still some technical difficulties. Although drone countermeasures technology is still constantly improving and strengthening, it can cope with various problems caused by black flying.

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