The Market Prospect and Functional Characteristics of Drone Deception Navigation System

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-05-12Update Time:2023-05-12

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The rapid growth of the drone market has also driven the rapid development of surrounding derivative industries. In addition to drone supporting equipment and service providers, the "natural enemies" of drones have also benefited greatly. At present, there are over 400 domestic enterprises engaged in the research and development, production and sales of drones. In China, the total demand for operators of consumer grade drones exceeds hundreds of thousands, and almost 20000 drones are in black flight every year.

Analysis of drone security threats

The entry threshold for drones is relatively low, and many drones are in a "black flying" state, which brings convenience to various industries and poses a serious threat to public safety. Security threats can be divided into five aspects: 1 Threats to the security of important targets; 2. Threats to aviation flight safety; 3. Threats to public safety; 4. Infringement of citizens' privacy rights

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Countermeasures Technology - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation Deception System

The drone navigation deception system emits simulated satellite navigation signals to deceive drones entering sensitive areas, achieving defense and control of drones. The system mainly injects navigation deception signals into the UAV to realize the control and takeover of the UAV, so that the UAV can quickly locate to a safe area, make the UAV fly quickly, break away from the operator's control, and trick or set a no-fly zone to prevent the UAV from flying into sensitive areas, and deploy a "no fly zone" for the UAV. Satellite navigation deception technology, as a new generation of anti drone means, breaks through the guidance and control of drone satellite navigation systems, and can achieve omnidirectional or directional defense attacks against multi rotor or fixed wing drones in various stages such as standby, takeoff, cruise, and hover within the defense range. Suitable for tasks such as temporary low altitude area protection, safety defense in key areas, urban public safety protection, and counter-terrorism and stability maintenance in sensitive areas.

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