What is drone countermeasures and how to counter drones

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Drone countermeasures are some means of controlling and interfering with the normal flight of drones, that is, using some technologies to interfere with the flying drones and cause them to fall. How to carry out drone countermeasures, first understand the flight principles of drones.

During flight, unmanned aerial vehicles must be controlled by ground controllers by issuing remote control commands to make various movements. And these are all achieved through remote control technology, consisting of a controller, control circuit, data transmission circuit, and signal receiver. The controller is responsible for generating remote control coding signals and ranging reference signals. The control circuit receives the instruction code output by the controller and makes judgments. The data transmission circuit is mainly responsible for the frequency modulation and high-frequency power of the instruction signal. The encoded signal is sent to the drone through the transmitting antenna, and the signal receiver receives the ground RF signal through the receiving antenna. After a series of operations, a control digital signal is generated to achieve the control of the drone.

During the flight of unmanned aerial vehicles, GPS is installed to obtain their own position in real-time, and a GPS satellite navigation system is used for flight control. From the perspective of GPS positioning principle, GPS signal interference technology can affect the GPS signal reception of drones. By using a signal generator to generate electromagnetic signals that interfere with drone communication, the drone is subjected to directional interference, making it unable to obtain sufficiently accurate coordinate data, thus achieving the goal of drone countermeasures.

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