What technologies need to be solved for drone radar detection?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-05-08Update Time:2023-05-08

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For drones, I believe everyone is not unfamiliar. With the rapid development of technology in China's drone industry, drones have been widely used in various industries, and many places have practical applications of drones. Moreover, many ordinary people have started to follow the trend and play with drones. However, this also poses significant risks to some industries. It should be noted that low speed small drones are prohibited from flying in some places. If drones are used for aerial photography without permission from relevant departments, it is considered black flying and is not allowed.

So you may ask, even if not allowed, is there any way to prevent drones from flying black? So, it's necessary to talk about drone countermeasures systems. So, how much do you know about the relevant knowledge of drone countermeasures systems? Today, let's first introduce the radar detection in the drone detection system.

The first step of the drone countermeasures system is to detect and detect the drone, which requires the use of a radar detection system. Radar detection is a radar system that detects and measures the position of drones by emitting electromagnetic waves and utilizing the principle of electromagnetic wave reflection from the drone body. By receiving and analyzing the reflected radar waves, the range, altitude, azimuth, and velocity information of the target can be obtained. However, traditional radar detection systems are not yet very sound. So what technologies need to be solved for drone radar detection?

Due to the low speed and small size of drones, traditional radar has poor detection performance. In recent years, some new radars developed for drone detection have made some breakthroughs in radar signal design, signal processing algorithms, ground clutter suppression, and other aspects, which have improved the performance of radars for drone detection to a certain extent and have practical value. They are currently one of the main components of drone detection in drone control systems.

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