How does drone countermeasures prevent "black flying"

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-05-09Update Time:2023-05-09

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Nowadays, drones, as a high-tech product, are gradually appearing in people's daily lives. The use of drones for filming and transporting important materials within disaster areas has become popular among people. Due to the increasing popularity of drone applications, its shortcomings have gradually been exposed. Drones flying recklessly and filming illegally seriously affect the development of social order and the security of residents' privacy. The emergence of drone countermeasures indirectly enables drones to fly according to regulations. If the UAV does not navigate according to the regulations and illegally enters the no-fly zone, the signal used by the UAV will be shielded by the equipment, which is also a means of countering the UAV.

As an electromagnetic interference device, if the drone countermeasures device is turned on, the generated electromagnetic waves will interfere with the normal working mode of the drone. This not only affects the transmission of drone data signals, but also cuts off the connection with the satellite navigation system, forcing the drone to only choose to land or return.

The existence of anti drone machines such as drone spectrum detection ensures the safety of some government agencies and confidential units, prevents the leakage of confidential documents, and attracts widespread attention to drones. From the current usage situation, the drone countermeasures equipment uses suppression interference to suppress the signal of the causing drone, and the countermeasures effect is obvious, and it also plays an important role in public places.

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