Application of UAV detection technology

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-12Update Time:2023-04-12

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I believe that we are not unfamiliar with UAV. With the development of UAV more and more rapidly, UAV has been widely used in various industries. However, it has also exploited the loophole for non-distributed molecules.

Radar detection and radio signal monitoring means are the most widely used and the most mature detection means in the market at present. The maturity of other detection means (such as sound monitoring, etc.) needs to be improved. Photoelectric identification and tracking are generally used as the confirmation supplement of detection means.

From the point of view of technical characteristics, the traditional single detection means can not deal with all situations independently, and can not detect the target efficiently and accurately. Multi-means combination detection is the mainstream method at present. There are some systems in the market that integrate different detection means to improve the detection capability. For example, the system uses radar as a means of detection. When a suspected UAV target is detected, the system will call the photoelectric equipment for further search and confirmation. At the same time, the information fusion between the radar and the photoelectric equipment can enable the system to conduct high-precision real-time positioning of the target.

According to an analysis of anti-drone manufacturers by Bard College's UAV Research Center, the report analyzed the technologies used in 323 systems with drone detection capabilities. The results show that the utilization rate of radar detection and radio monitoring technology is high. Photoelectric identification and tracking technology is generally used as an auxiliary means of radar detection and radio signal monitoring, while the utilization rate of sound monitoring technology is not high because of its own limitations.

When the two methods are used for comprehensive detection, the combination of radar detection and photoelectric identification and tracking is the mainstream application, and the combination of radar detection, radio monitoring and photoelectric identification and tracking is also considered more technical collocation.

The above is about the introduction of the application of UAV detection technology, I hope to help you.

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