The difference between police drone countermeasures and traditional drone countermeasures

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-13Update Time:2023-04-13

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With the rapid development of China's military economy, drones have become widely used in our daily lives, and have performed well in industries such as frequent manufacturing of aviation drones and inspection news reports. So, do you know the difference between police drone countermeasures and traditional drone countermeasures?

1、 Quiet and less noisy

Firstly, from the perspective of concealment, the sound emitted by traditional police helicopters is extremely loud, and there is basically no concealment at all. But if it is a police drone with a small volume, the noise generated during takeoff operation is relatively small and quiet. In many scenarios, using drones can achieve effects that the other party cannot find.

2、 Energy saving and low consumption

Furthermore, both in terms of volume and actual operating principles, a helicopter requires a significant amount of fuel costs in one flight, while a drone flight only incurs a small amount of electricity bills. The difference in usage costs between the two is also significant. If you want better energy conservation and consumption reduction, then drones are the best choice.

3、 Suitable for low altitude

When unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) track optoelectronic police drones for alarm purposes, as their capture and anti-terrorism scenarios are developed on the ground, the main force in the air is reconnaissance and monitoring, which is very unfavorable for helicopters. The risk of helicopters flying at low altitudes in cities is still relatively high, but relatively speaking, police drones are much more suitable in this regard and can easily pass through various buildings.

The above is an introduction to the differences between police drone countermeasures and traditional drone countermeasures, hoping to help everyone.

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