What are the application fields of unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures system?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-12Update Time:2023-04-12

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It is understood that due to the small size of drones, they can achieve low altitude flight, and current civil aviation radars cannot detect low altitude drones, which brings many hidden dangers.

In order to prevent it from affecting civil aviation aircraft, major airports adopt drone countermeasures systems that use physical principles to shoot down drones without causing harm to them. This can greatly reduce the occurrence of drone black flying.

Whether it's individuals, companies, detention centers, or other fields, it's often necessary to improve confidentiality and security, requiring the use of some equipment to force Black Flying drones to land. So the research and development of unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures system has always attracted the attention of customers and many investors. So today we will introduce the drone countermeasures system, and what are its application areas?

Application fields of unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures system

The drone countermeasures system is mainly applicable to important locations and facilities such as airports, public procuratorate systems, prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, confidential institutions, troops, large-scale events, concerts, important conferences, government agencies, counter-terrorism fields, and areas that require space confidentiality and drone control. This is the scope of application of the drone countermeasures system.

Drones are now widely used in various industries, but they are not props for entertainment. Their legitimate purpose is to bring convenience to humans. Flight tests are possible, but they must not affect others' lives or even disrupt social order. As mentioned at the beginning, the drone defense industry is developing very rapidly, which also determines that it has a very broad development prospect.

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