How much do you know about the optoelectronic identification and tracking technology of drones?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-11Update Time:2023-04-11

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I believe everyone is familiar with drones. With the rapid development of drones in China, drones have become widely used in various industries. However, they have also created loopholes for the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. So, how much do you know about the relevant knowledge of drone photoelectric recognition and tracking systems?

There are two main types of optoelectronic recognition and tracking technologies: visible light recognition and tracking, and infrared recognition and tracking.

Visible light recognition and tracking is the use of a visible light camera to detect the video image of a target drone, thereby identifying and confirming the target, and tracking the target. This technology is suitable for use during the day, with lower equipment costs and more widespread applications.

Infrared recognition and tracking is the use of an infrared camera to detect the infrared image of a target drone, and then recognize and track the drone. In fact, all objects with temperatures above absolute zero are radiating infrared radiation, and the batteries and motors of drones generate heat during flight, providing opportunities for the application of infrared recognition and tracking technology. This technology can be used 24/7, but its application is limited due to its high equipment cost.

Optoelectronic recognition and tracking generally require guidance from detection and discovery methods. As a tracking confirmation method, it can visually track the target and enable users to observe it intuitively. In addition, photoelectric recognition and tracking automatically recognize targets through image means, thus enabling video forensics.

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