Drone Radar Detection Technology

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-11Update Time:2023-04-11

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I believe everyone is no stranger to drones. With the rapid development of drones in China, they have now involved many industries such as agriculture, entertainment, aviation, etc. However, they have also exploited loopholes for criminals to use drones for illegal profits. The best way to deal with this situation is through drone countermeasures. So, how much information do you know about drone countermeasures?

There are various types of radar, which can be divided into phase scanning, machine scanning, etc. according to the scanning method, and pulse coding, linear frequency modulation, etc. according to the modulation method. Radar technology is a very mature technology for detecting manned aircraft, with the advantages of long detection distance, accurate spatial positioning, and fast response speed.

However, there is a close range blind spot in radar scanning, which cannot be detected for aircraft made of non-conductive materials; When the drone is hovering or flying at low speeds, due to the low Doppler frequency shift, the drone target cannot be detected; In situations where the sea, forests, and buildings are obstructed, the detection effect will also be affected.

Due to the limited beam conditions of radar antennas, better installation conditions are required (such as in urban environments, which require installation on the top of tall buildings), which can cause electromagnetic pollution to the surrounding environment and is expensive, requiring professional technical personnel to operate. At the same time, unidentified interfering objects in the air can also cause a large number of false alarms and false alarms; Digital signal processing methods such as the starting batch method of radar target plots and the clustering method of multiple targets can also have a significant impact on radar detection.

The above is a detailed introduction to the overview of drone radar detection technology.

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