How to counter the impact of drone black flying on power facilities again?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-11Update Time:2023-04-11

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With the continuous improvement of drone technology, its application fields are also expanding, whether it is agriculture, logistics, surveying, photography, security, emergency rescue, and other fields, targeting the emerging product of drones one after another. However, while enjoying the convenience brought by technology, new problems continue to emerge. Due to the "black flying" of drones, multiple safety accidents have occurred across the country. Especially the damage caused by drone black flying to power facilities has posed new governance challenges to the State Grid of China.

On the afternoon of August 31st, a 10kV Heitai line in a power supply center in Meishan, Sichuan suddenly tripped, resulting in a power outage for more than 5700 households. After investigation, on the day of the incident, villager Wang used a drone to spray alcohol and pesticides over his own farmland. Due to misoperation, the side phase wire of the 10 kV Heitai Line Luoping Branch Line # 17- # 18 pole line was broken and damaged. Due to severe damage, the line was cut off for 2 hours, resulting in a loss of approximately 600 kilowatt hours of electricity. Next, the Dongpo District Power Supply Center will take this matter as an opportunity to actively explore and build a joint management model consisting of "cooperation between police and enterprises, legal protection by enterprises, and support from the masses", gradually resolving the problems of power facility protection and governance caused by external forces such as drone misoperation, external construction damage, and line barrier conflicts, and further improving the quality and efficiency of power line operation and maintenance work.

This is not the first time that the power system has been paralyzed due to drone "black flying". This year, similar incidents have also occurred in places such as Taizhou in Jiangsu and Ji'an in Jiangxi. I hope that this accident can once again draw the attention of relevant power departments, deploy a drone countermeasures system as soon as possible, prevent drone black flying from the source, and avoid causing huge losses to the power department and the public due to drone black flying.

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