What is the state of the drone opportunity after being driven away by the drone interference system?

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Many government agencies and important military confidentiality units have installed drone interference systems, which can effectively strike or interfere with illegally invading drones. So many people want to know what state the drone is after being driven away by the drone interference system?

The drone interference system actually has multiple interference modes, including at least drone departure mode, drone forced landing mode, drone precision strike mode, and so on. When the drone interference system operates in different interference modes, the operating state of the interfered drone is different. Let's answer each question one by one.

Drone departure mode: When the drone interference system activates the departure mode, the purpose is to evacuate the drone illegally entering the restricted flight area as soon as possible. At this time, the interfered drone loses flight control and image transmission signals, and it will immediately activate the automatic return mode, automatically returning to the takeoff location according to the preset altitude or advanced route.

Drone forced landing mode: When the drone interference system activates forced landing mode, the purpose of this mode is to capture or damage the illegally invading drone. The drone's flight control, image transmission, GPS positioning and navigation signals will be interfered with and lose their signal. At this time, the drone is like a headless fly, and some of them will have the opportunity to land in place or even stop in the air or directly fall. Another type of drone will maintain its final normal communication flight state and inertial flight, which may cause the drone to fall to the ground, collide with obstacles, or fly out of the range covered by the interference signal of the drone interference system.

Drone precision strike: When the drone jamming system activates the precision strike mode, the prerequisite for this mode is that the drone jamming system itself has the drone identification function, which can identify the drone in the air as friend or foe, and accurately interfere and strike the drones on the non safe list.

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