Did an unmanned opportunity crash due to interference from a drone strike gun?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-05-12Update Time:2023-05-12

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Drone strike guns typically use wireless signals to interfere with illegally invading drones. Mainly interfering with the GPS positioning system carried by most drones. The drone strike gun emits a certain wireless interference frequency band towards the drone within the working range, making it unable to obtain its own positioning information and unable to continue flying.

With current drone technology, using a drone strike gun will not cause the drone to fall directly, but it can force the drone to return or land directly.

Usually, drones locate their position in real-time during flight by receiving GPS signals. The drone strike gun uses GPS signal interference technology to interfere with the drone's positioning data, making it unable to obtain terrain coordinate signals and unable to continue flying, thus achieving the goal of countering drones.

Using signal interference to counter "black flying" drones is one of the safer strategies among many, and it also avoids unnecessary harm to drones. Due to the so-called "safe mode" of current drones, in order to avoid sudden interruption of the communication link between the drone and the remote control, it will not directly cause the drone to fall. Instead, some programs are used to automatically return or directly land in place. The drone strike gun utilizes this to interfere with the drone's normal operation signal and force the drone to leave.

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