How to construct a drone countermeasures equipment system?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-05-11Update Time:2023-05-11

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With the popularity of "low, slow and small" aircraft in the civil market, in order to strengthen the safety management of civil UAVs and ensure public safety and flight safety, according to the Civil Aviation Law of the People's Republic of China and the general aviation Flight Management Regulations, we must severely crack down on black airlines according to law. Strengthen the enforcement of aircraft and establish a comprehensive, multi means, hierarchical distribution, active passive combination, soft hard kill combination, fixed maneuver combination, and combination of far, medium, near, high, medium, and low unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures equipment system for civil aircraft. China Mingda proposes the following construction plan:

1. Full range.

Through the construction of a drone defense system, real-time intelligent duty management and control can be achieved 24/7, enabling timely detection, confirmation, and disposal of "low, slow, and small" aircraft. It can record the entire process of early warning and countermeasures, providing effective and realistic visual image data. The management control center can observe the warning situation in real time, thereby timely understanding the on-site situation, coordinating dispatch and command, and improving the timeliness of defense processing.

2. Multiple means.

Establish a drone countermeasure system that combines multiple means, devices, and systems. Its equipment includes: wireless passive detection equipment, photoelectric tracking and identification equipment, radar active detection equipment, electromagnetic interference equipment (fixed/omnidirectional interference equipment) or portable interference equipment, onboard drone detection and countermeasures equipment, satellite navigation bait equipment, control center platform, etc.

3. Echelon distribution.

The first tier is divided into full routing perimeter portable deployment radio+omnidirectional interference+portable countermeasures.

Deploy a complete system of radar, radio, interference, deception, and countermeasures in the central area of the second tier, and set up equipment for vigilance from 1 day before to 1 day after the activity.

Deploy three echelons in the central area of the applicable target activity: radio+omnidirectional interference+omnidirectional bait+interference cannon, set up equipment and guard from 1 day before to 1 day after the target activity, and counter non cooperative targets within 1 kilometer of the urban environment.

4. Combining initiative and passivity.

Wireless passive detection is combined with radar detection and optoelectronic tracking and identification equipment. Through wireless passive detection equipment, wireless signals in the area are passively detected, searched, and intercepted, and the radio signals are analyzed, identified, and their technical parameters, working characteristics, and radiation position information are obtained to identify and track drones, Then, the Doppler effect of the radar on the target echo is linked to observe, interpret, and lock the movement status of the target, such as the height, direction, and speed of the drone. Linkage optoelectronic forensics tracking aircraft.

5. Combining soft killing with hard killing.

UAV soft killing uses fixed/omnidirectional jamming equipment and portable jamming equipment. The drone hard killing equipment uses laser strike equipment.

6. Combining fixation with movement.

The vehicle is equipped with a drone control system, radar, optoelectronics, spectrum, bait, portable countermeasures, etc., which can be used for patrols and reconnaissance.

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