What factors should be paid attention to in the defense and control of drone countermeasures

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With the widespread use and application of drones, these devices have played a significant role in many places and fields, making their use more widespread. However, due to their wide range and high frequency of use, they have also brought many negative impacts, especially the emergence of many illegal drones, which affect the safety of various industries, Once such illegal drones occur and require the use of countermeasures to repel attacks, what is the correct method of using countermeasures drone systems and what factors need to be taken into account.

Special attention needs to be paid to technical factors

When using a counter drone system, attention should be paid to many factors, among which the most important factor is technology. In fact, there are many types of drone systems, so customers need to be particularly careful when selecting the system. If directly used on a certain type of drone, the selection of the system must meet practical requirements. In fact, when selecting a counter drone system, testing is necessary, Conduct specific on-site testing, with a focus on testing the actual effectiveness and effectiveness of this system.

Special attention should also be paid to the recognition function

The drone tracking optoelectronic system also needs to pay attention to the recognition function, which is very important. To use this repair, it is necessary to identify whether the drone is harmful and what specific types of harm it causes. If it is a drone that will not cause harm, signal shielding can be used. However, if it is detected as a harmful drone, it needs to be directly destroyed, This is very important. This system already has this function when used, and both recognition and detection are done very well.

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