How do drone defense systems implement drone countermeasures?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-05-09Update Time:2023-05-09

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The drone defense system is not easily damaged or destroyed by drones. The key principle is to interfere and block the flight control system and data signal transmission system of the drone, enabling it to land vertically or return automatically.

The drone anti gun is not only lightweight, but also simple and portable to operate by a single person. The drone anti system gun has clear targets, accurate blocking frequency, and is equipped with a large capacity battery, which can maintain long-term operation. It can be easily picked up without being affected by the environmental landscape, and simple operation does not require strong professional skills.

In some aspects, drone defense systems are better monitoring devices than drone countermeasures. The drone defense system consists of a single station consisting of a wireless communication detection subsystem, an optical detection and tracking subsystem, a wireless communication interference subsystem, one or several auxiliary environmental monitoring centers/interference stations, and a set of monitoring system mobile software.

The unmanned aerial vehicle defense system first automatically retrieves, discovers, identifies, and measures illegally invading drones based on the wireless communication detection subsystem. In addition, the optical detection and tracking system is started to conduct electron optics determination of the overall target, accurate positioning and locking tracking. Finally, activate the wireless communication interference subsystem to block the measurement and control and navigation data signals of the drone, and drive the drone to land or return.

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