How much effect does drone interference have on black flying?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-11Update Time:2023-04-11

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With the rapid development of China's automotive economy, drone factories are now widely used in our daily lives, and Mucun Hangbai drone frequency popularization, inspection reports, and other industries have shown good performance. So, how much effect does it have to deal with drone interference and compete against Black Flying?

When a drone appears in the wrong position, we need to control it and take effective measures, so we need anti drone technology to counter the drone.

Fighting against drones requires me to go to the drones first. Position its position tube and counter the drone through signal interference. There are many ways to discover drones, such as using radar to detect wireless sensors, optoelectronic sensors, and so on. The wireless communication frequency band detects whether there is a drone, so even if there are obstacles, as long as the drone emits the corresponding frequency band, it can be detected, but the radio cannot find the drone flying silently. What is silent flight?

Silent flight is generally a flight that uses navigation to set a course. So at this point, it is necessary to use radar for detection. In fact, optoelectronics is a tracking system that tracks and locks the drone after it is detected by radio and radar, providing visible light monitoring for interference attacks, which is used for target detection, verification, and tracking during the day or night.

At present, the frequency bands of domestic drones are 1.5G and 5.8G; However, the frequency bands of imported drones are different, and anti drone equipment naturally requires multi band signal interference technology.

After the drone is discovered and accurately located, effective attacks are required, and the way to attack the drone is through blocking interference, which is also known as signal interference. Interference blocking anti drone equipment mainly emits directional sound waves or radio frequency interference to the hardware of the target drone or cuts off communication between the drone and the remote control, thereby forcing the drone to safely land or depart.

The above is an introduction on how effective drone interference can be in countering black flying, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

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