The classification characteristics of drone interception technology must be known! (II)

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-11Update Time:2023-04-11

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(1) Confrontation.

Communication interference is aimed at disrupting or disrupting the other party's radio communication. The transmission of radio communication interference is not to transmit certain information, but to suppress and destroy the interference information carried by the interference. It is obvious that communication interference is aimed at the other party's communication system.

(2) Offensive.

Radio communication interference is active, positive, and proactive. It tries every means to "kill" the other party's communication system, so communication interference is aggressive. Even the defensive purpose of communication interference is offensive.

(3) Progressiveness.

Communication interference always targets the other party, so it is necessary to track new developments in communication technology and strive to surpass them. Only in this way can we develop communication interference devices that can overcome the enemy. However, the development of communication technology in various countries around the world, especially anti-interference technology, makes it difficult to explore this information under highly confidential circumstances. Therefore, radio communication interference is a highly technical task, and it is very difficult to compete during the high-tech peak in the field of radio communication.

(4) The frequency band of drone countermeasures is wide.

With the development of modern radio communication technology, the frequency range that radio communication interference equipment needs to cover is quite wide, even reaching tens of thousands to tens of gigahertz. Within such a wide operating frequency range, electronic technology and the radiation and reception of electromagnetic waves have different characteristics and requirements in different frequency bands.

(5) Fast reaction speed.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of frequency hopping communication and burst communication, the target signal has a short dwell time at a frequency point. In such a short period of time, the search, interception, identification, sorting, processing, interference guidance, and interference transmission of the target signal should be completed within the entire working frequency range. It can be seen that the response speed of the communication interference system must be very fast.

(6) High technical difficulty.

Firstly, communication devices typically have strong signals, so interference and suppression of communication signals require strong power. Secondly, communication generally adopts narrowband, so the frequency aiming accuracy required for communication interference is high. Due to these two characteristics, communication interference poses certain technical difficulties and requires continuous updating and adjustment of interference targets.

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