The classification characteristics of drone interception technology must be known! (III)

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-11Update Time:2023-04-11

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A) Target drone interference. Aiming interference refers to the interference carrier frequency (center frequency) overlapping with the signal frequency, or the spectrum width of the interference signal and communication signal being the same. For example, if the first station sends a message to the second station, the interference effect is to prevent the second station from receiving or hearing the message sent by the first station. Therefore, the narrowband spectrum of aimed interference radiation must be basically the same as the signal frequency band sent by station A, and enter the selection circuit of receiver B at the same time as the signal sent by station A.

Aiming at the concentrated interference power, the interference frequency band is narrow, and the interference can be fully used to suppress the communication signal of the other party. The interference power utilization rate is high, and the interference effect is good. But it is required that the frequency overlap is good, the performance of the jammer is high, and the detection part is required to guide the interference frequency.

Targeted interference, where each interference frequency typically interferes with the corresponding communication signal frequency, has gradually been widely used for single machine interference with multiple targets. Generally speaking, aiming interference is used to suppress important communication of the other party in the short band.

B) Half aiming interference. Compared with aiming interference, the accuracy of frequency overlap in semi aiming interference is poor, that is, the interference signal spectrum does not fully overlap with the communication signal spectrum. The spectrum of interference signals is usually wider than that of suppressed communication signals. The interference spectrum can be selected from all or most of the circuits through the frequency of the receiver of the other party. Although the spectrum of the signal from the other party may not overlap or the frequency overlap is not high, it can also form a certain degree of interference.

Due to the lack of concentration of semi aiming interference power and low utilization, it is only used in special situations. If the other party's signal appears for a short time, the target is too late, or for certain communication methods, better interference effects can be achieved without the need for accurate frequency overlap.

C) Blocking interference. Blocking interference, also known as blocking interference, has a wide spectrum of interference radiation, usually covering the entire working frequency band of the other communication station. Blocking interference can be divided into continuous blocking interference and comb blocking interference. Continuous blocking interference emits interference signals throughout the entire frequency band while suppressing communication signals within the frequency band; The interference frequency band of comb block interference is comb, and the interference falls into the communication signal of these frequency bands. The interference frequency band can be fixed or movable.

One aspect of drone anti blocking interference is that the detection equipment does not require frequency overlap equipment or guidance interference. This device is relatively simple and can accommodate multiple communication stations within the frequency band. But its drawbacks are: firstly, the interference power is dispersed and the efficiency is low; The second is that when blocking interference is applied, it will also interfere with the self communication signal that falls into its frequency band. Most blocking interference operates within the ultra short wave range.

D) Sweep interference. Sweep interference refers to the continuous variation of the carrier frequency of the interfering transmitter from low end to high end, or from high end to low end, in a wide frequency band.

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