What is a drone countermeasures system

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-04-11Update Time:2023-04-11

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The drone countermeasures system is a system specifically designed for detecting, identifying, interfering, and controlling drones. The drone system consists of four main subsystems and modules: search system, photoelectric tracking system, radio frequency interference system, and display and control unit.

Among them, the search system has completed the monitoring and position indication functions of low altitude targets in the task area. It consists of search radar and radio spectrum monitoring system. The search systems of both systems can be used separately or in combination according to the environment to improve detection performance. The optical tracking system completes the automatic tracking function of the target, so that the directional antenna of the radio frequency interference system can aim at the target in real time.

The radio frequency interference system is used to achieve the directional radio frequency interference function of the target drone GPS and wireless telemetry link, causing the drone to lose control and unable to continue flying; The display and control unit mainly completes system status monitoring, control, situation display, and human-machine interaction functions.

With the continuous development and improvement of drone technology, drones not only play an important role in the military field, but also have been widely used in the civilian field. Currently, the widespread use of civilian drones and the most common use of drone countermeasure systems are signal interference, signal deception, and radio control.

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