How to deal with the security threats posed by drones?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-07-21Update Time:2023-07-21

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With the rapid development and widespread application of drone technology, society attaches great importance to the research on countermeasures against drones, actively exploring and practicing various measures and methods to ensure that the security of the country's airspace is not troubled or threatened by drones. Nowadays, the application field of drone countermeasures in the industry is also very broad, whether it is airports, military bases, nuclear power plants, oil depots, surveillance stations, public security, military and other fields, there is the problem of drone black flying. So how do we deal with the security threats posed by drones?

Facing the security threat posed by drones, using drone countermeasures is a direct and effective defense method. Below, we will introduce the system composition and main functions of drone countermeasures.

First of all, the UAV countermeasures equipment uses the frequency detection and positioning functions of the radio detection system to track and locate the UAV, obtain the position of the UAV and judge whether it has entered the no fly area in violation of regulations. If it is judged that it has entered the no fly area, it will transmit the signal to the jamming countermeasures system to take corresponding countermeasures.

Radio jamming is one of the most common and commonly used anti UAV means. By using electromagnetic interference devices, drones can effectively interfere with their communication signals, navigation systems, and image transmission functions, causing them to lose control or lose their direction, and can only hover, make a forced landing, or return to their original position.

When defending against drone invasion and addressing the security threats posed by drones, multiple measures need to be taken comprehensively. These measures will help ensure the safe use of drones, prevent potential security threats, and ensure the security of the airspace.

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