What are the main methods used in the current drone countermeasures system?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-07-21Update Time:2023-07-21

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In recent years, the drone manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, and civilian drones have been widely used in industries such as news reporting, freight logistics, electric energy, plant protection inspections, aerial photography performances, etc. However, the misuse of drones has caused problems such as sneaking shots, stealing secrets, affecting or damaging equipment, and has brought trouble to many industries. At this point, measures need to be taken to counter the illegal invasion of black flying drones. So, what are the main methods used in the current drone countermeasures system?

The traditional UAV countermeasure system includes radio detection, radar detection, photoelectric tracking, Radio jamming and navigation deception system, but the cost of radar detection is high; The photoelectric tracking system is greatly affected by weather, environment and other factors, and the accuracy of UAV monitoring is not enough. Therefore, the anti UAV systems currently mainly used are radio detection, Radio jamming and navigation decoy systems.

1. Radio spectrum detection: use special detection equipment to monitor the surrounding Radio spectrum to detect the wireless signals sent by UAVs. Radio spectrum detection is a passive detection technology, which can detect the radio signals sent by multiple targets 360 degrees, and locate the target position according to the signals, so as to realize the remote detection of UAVs.

2. Radio jamming: once the UAV is detected, the Radio jamming countermeasures system can transmit interference signals for its communication frequency and protocol, interfere with the navigation and communication system of the UAV, thus limiting its flight ability, so that the UAV can be driven away, hovered or forced to land.

3. Navigation deception system: The human-machine navigation deception system can deceive the navigation terminal of the drone by transmitting false navigation satellite signals, causing it to locate at the preset false position of the system. The setting of No-fly zone, location deception and route deception can be achieved by satellite positioning signal deception.

The use of wireless detection and interference, as well as the coordinated use of drone navigation and deception systems, to counter drones can effectively ensure the effectiveness of defense against drone violations and comprehensively solve the threats posed by various types of black flying drones. At the same time, it can significantly reduce costs and build a solid safety protection shield for us.

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