Drone Defense System to Avoid Misuse of Drone Black Flying

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-07-20Update Time:2023-07-20

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With the progress of the times, the application of drones is becoming increasingly widespread and can be seen in various industries. It is inevitable that some people will use them to do illegal things. For example, the phenomenon of drone "black flying" and airport flight delays caused by drone aircraft collisions are mainly due to the misuse and illegal modification of drones. The use of drone defense systems can avoid the occurrence of such phenomena.

The drone defense system mainly uses spectrum for signal detection, radar detection, wireless signal interference and other technologies to detect and intercept drone "black flying". The drone defense system uses signal detection to collect drone signals in the control field. Once a drone is found to have illegally invaded, it will suppress the drone signal through wireless signal interference function, forcing the "black flying" drone to return or make a forced landing. Due to the different needs and objectives of application sites, there are also different types of unmanned aerial vehicle defense systems. At present, the illegal intrusion of small drones into airports is the most serious and difficult to detect, often posing potential security risks to airports.

The unmanned aerial vehicle defense system with detection and strike capabilities developed by Shenzhou Mingda is specifically designed for the "Black Flying" drone. It can solve the detection, identification, and defense of low altitude security systems for civilian drones. The drone detection and countermeasures system can passively detect and electromagnetic interference drones in protected areas, and can be used for low altitude security defense in airports, prisons, important bases, sports venues, and major events.

The drone defense system plays an important role in avoiding the problem of drone black fly abuse. It can detect and track drone activities in a timely manner, and prevent illegal drone behavior through interference and interception methods.

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