What is the working principle of a drone navigation deception system?

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-07-07Update Time:2023-07-07

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With the rapid development of drone technology, the threshold for drone use is getting lower and many people are in a state of violating flight regulations when using drones, which poses a serious threat to public safety and personal privacy. In order to achieve defense and control of drones, drone navigation deception systems have gradually become an important tool for ensuring public safety and preventing drone threats. So what is the working principle of the drone navigation deception system?

The UAV navigation deception system, also known as the UAV deception system, is mainly based on the positioning device inside the UAV and the database of the restricted and No-fly zone, so that the UAV can respond according to its built-in program strategy.

The drone navigation deception system emits simulated satellite navigation signals to deceive drones entering sensitive areas, achieving defense and control of drones. The system mainly injects navigation deception signals into the UAV to realize the control and takeover of the UAV, so that the UAV can quickly locate to a safe area, make the UAV fly quickly, break away from the operator's control, and trick or set a No-fly zone to prevent the UAV from flying into sensitive areas, and deploy a "no fly zone" for the UAV.

When the UAV compares the received global positioning signal with the data of the no fly zone and the restricted flight zone built in the program, if it judges that it is in the No-fly zone, the UAV that has not taken off on the ground will refuse to take off, and the UAV that has already been in the air will automatically land by force. If it is determined that oneself is in the restricted flight zone, it will maintain oneself below the restricted flight altitude or move in a certain direction until leaving the restricted flight zone.

As a new generation of anti UAV means, the satellite navigation deception technology, with the guidance and control of UAV Satellite navigation as a breakthrough, can achieve omnidirectional or directional defense attacks on multi rotor or fixed wing UAVs in standby, takeoff, cruise, hover and other stages within the defense range. Suitable for tasks such as temporary low altitude area protection, safety defense in key areas, urban public safety protection, and counter-terrorism and stability maintenance in sensitive areas.

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