New drone countermeasures system, a good helper for controlling drones

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-06-14Update Time:2023-06-14

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In recent years, with the development and popularization of drone technology, drones have played a huge role in fields such as aerial photography, agriculture, and rescue. However, there are also some illegal individuals who use drones for illegal activities, such as violating privacy, disrupting order, and placing dangerous goods, which pose huge risks to social security. How to effectively detect and counter drones has become an urgent need.

Shenzhou Mingda is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures, with multiple independent intellectual property rights and patented technologies. The new unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures system of Shenzhou Mingda adopts various technological means to achieve comprehensive detection and precise countermeasures of unmanned aerial vehicles, making it your trusted drone defense expert.

The new unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures system of Shenzhou Mingda not only has advanced detection capabilities, but also has strong countermeasures capabilities. The new unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures system mainly adopts the following countermeasures:

Electromagnetic interference: Using electromagnetic waves to interfere and block the communication or navigation signals of the target drone can cut off the connection between the target and the control console, and force the target to automatically return or land. Electromagnetic interference can be directed or omnidirectional as needed, effectively handling multiple drones within the operating range, and has the ability to strike "drone clusters".

Navigation signal deception: For civilian drones equipped with satellite navigation terminals, by transmitting false navigation satellite signals, the navigation terminals that confuse the drones can be deceived to locate them in the false position preset by the system. The No-fly zone setting, return point deception and route deception can be achieved by satellite positioning signal deception.

Radio signal hijacking: By cracking the communication protocol of the drone signal, and then sending a stronger control signal to the drone, control of the drone is obtained. Radio signal hijacking can achieve control, guidance, and landing of drones.

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