What is a drone defense system?

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With the progress of the times, unmanned aerial vehicles are now increasingly widely used, and their presence can be seen in various industries. It is inevitable that some people will use them to do illegal and disorderly things. The main reasons for incidents such as the phenomenon of drone "black flying" and airport flight delays caused by collisions between drones and aircraft are the abuse and illegal modification of drones. The use of drone defense systems can prevent such phenomena from occurring.

The drone defense system mainly uses spectrum technology for signal detection, radar detection, wireless signal interference, and other technologies to control and prevent drone "black flying" situations. It uses signal detection to collect signals from drones in the control field. Once an illegal invasion of drones is detected, it will use wireless signal interference function to suppress the drone signals and force the "black flying" drones to leave or land. Due to different application site requirements and targeting, there are also different types of unmanned aerial vehicle defense systems. At present, small drones that have been illegally invaded at airports are the most severe and are not easily detected, often posing potential security risks to the airport.

The drone defense system is specifically designed for "black flying" drones. Its principle uses wireless signal interference technology to cut off the drone's data transmission signal, positioning, navigation, and communication signal with the remote controller, enabling the drone to automatically land or return, ensuring low altitude safety.

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