What are the methods of drone countermeasures?

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The search system is a monitoring and position indication function for low altitude targets in the mission area, which is composed of search radar and radio spectrum monitoring system. The optical tracking system is an automatic tracking function for targets. The radio frequency interference system is used to achieve the directional radio frequency interference function of the target drone GPS and wireless telemetry link, causing the drone to lose control and unable to continue flying; The display control unit mainly completes the system's status monitoring, control, status display, and human-machine interaction functions.

Interference navigation signal deception has a good effect on drones from legitimate manufacturers, but it will fail for modified drones or assembled drones that do not rely on navigation and positioning systems. The suppression interference of the remote control is full frequency band suppression, which also has significant interference on other systems.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) defense can better coordinate with microwave radar to track and classify targets.

Advantages: It can provide visual and high-precision target detection and recognition, with visible light and infrared imaging functions, and can display warning areas.

Radar - Radar can search, detect, and track various targets.

Advantages: 360 degree, all weather, all weather monitoring, long functional distance, simultaneous detection and tracking of multiple targets.

Disadvantages: susceptible to ground clutter interference, unsuitable for blocking, and severe electromagnetic pollution.

Visible light and infrared images - Disadvantages: The detection distance is relatively close and is susceptible to interference from factors such as weather and building obstruction.

Radio - Discovering and locating drones by searching for radio signals between drones and ground stations.

Advantages: It can achieve unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intelligence collection, analysis, direction finding, positioning and other functions in dense signal environments.

Disadvantages: The difficulty of reconnaissance and identification technology is high, especially for data links using radio frequency stealth technology systems such as frequency hopping, spread spectrum, time hopping, directional beam, and power control, which cannot cope with electromagnetic silent targets.

In terms of evidence collection and traceability, radio signal measurement methods are used to directly target operators; In software development, develop unmanned and automatic disposal functions.

The above is an introduction to the methods of drone countermeasures, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

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