Strengthening drone flight safety supervision, drone countermeasures system is indispensable

Author:SZMIDTime:2023-07-14Update Time:2023-07-14

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In recent years, drones have received widespread attention from society, but the accompanying problems such as drone "black flying" interference, loss of control and injury, and theft and infringement have become increasingly prominent, posing a threat to aviation safety, public safety, and national security. The risks and challenges cannot be ignored. In order to strengthen the safety supervision of unmanned aerial vehicle flight and related activities, effectively resolve and prevent risks, and promote the sustained and healthy development of related industries, the State Council and the Central Military Commission recently announced the "Interim Regulations on the Management of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), which will come into effect on January 1, 2024.

By strengthening drone flight safety supervision, we can better manage and control drone flight activities, ensuring public and national safety. As an important component of the entire drone defense system, the drone countermeasures system plays an irreplaceable role.

In the implementation of UAV flight safety supervision, the UAV counter system plays a key role. When someone violates the Regulations and controls the UAV to enter the no fly area. The UAV countermeasures system can detect, identify, warn and counter interfere with the security threats brought by the "Black Flying" UAV in a timely manner through a variety of technical means, so that the "Black Flying" UAV cannot enter the no fly area and is forced to hover, return or land. The following are the main functions and functions of the drone countermeasures system:

Detection, recognition, and monitoring: The drone countermeasures system can establish automatic recognition and alarm mechanisms for drones through drone detection radar, radio detection systems, etc., to detect nearby drones in real-time, identify their positions and flight trajectories, and achieve accurate detection, tracking, and early warning of drones.

Interference and countermeasures: When a suspicious drone is detected, the countermeasures system can use radio signal interference technology to interfere with its communication and navigation signals, causing the drone to lose its image transmission and flight control functions, unable to take photos, and forced to hover or return in place, thus ensuring public safety.

The drone countermeasures system, as an important component of the entire drone defense system, is essential. By utilizing drone countermeasures systems in a reasonable manner, strengthening the construction of drone prevention systems, innovation in countermeasures technology, and collaborative application of various technologies, we can better respond to drone threats, ensure public and national security, and promote the healthy development of the drone industry.

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