Military location solutions

Military location solutions

Recommended:UAV Detection and Interfere device

Advantage:Large range, long distance, and multi-point deployment

Application:Military areas, military bases, and military bases



  • UAV DetectionTC04-C4
  • photoelectric trackingQP-031
  • UAV InterfereXT01-CZ1
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Presidential Decree No. 87 of 2021 announced the revision of the Military Facilities Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, which will officially come into effect on August 1st. There are clear regulations regarding aircraft safety control:

Article 17 of Chapter 3 stipulates: "Aircraft are prohibited from flying at low altitudes over land and water military restricted zones" and "aircraft are prohibited from entering air military restricted zones";

Article 51 of Chapter 6 requires the duty personnel of military facility management units to stop:

(1) Illegally entering military restricted zones, military management zones, or flying at low altitudes over land or water military restricted zones

(2) Illegally taking photos, videos, recording, surveying, measuring, locating, depicting, and documenting military restricted zones and military management zones

(3) Engaging in activities that disrupt or endanger military facilities

For those who do not listen to stop, military facility management units may, in accordance with relevant national regulations, take measures to "forcibly remove and control personnel who illegally enter military restricted zones, military management zones, or fly or control aircraft at low altitudes over land or water military restricted zones. Those who violate the law seriously shall be detained and immediately transferred to competent authorities such as public security and national security.


Based on demand analysis, the solution proposed by Shenzhou Mingda is to use our TDOA unmanned aerial vehicle defense system. The solution consists of a front-end wireless positioning detector (for detection, identification, and positioning warning), a linked intelligent optoelectronic directional tracking and interference device (for unmanned aerial vehicle video tracking, interference, and suppression), and a back-end control platform (for monitoring and controlling the entire process). It can achieve positioning, detection, and warning of drone targets within a radius of 4000m in the surrounding area, and achieve directional electromagnetic interference strikes against drone targets within a radius of 1500m in the core area. The system deployment effect is shown in the following figure:

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