Drone Zoro DZ-B1  |   High Power DDS Bomb Jammer  |   Human Prensence Detector  |  
Drone Zoro DZ01 PRO
This Anti-drone weapon is designed to disable the hostileunmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) , it can utilizes radio waves to take the hostile flying Drones down but without any damage to them. Read More
This Drone jammer gun weighs less than 5 kilograms and can disable a hostile drone within 2km distance. The Drone -defender can emits overwhelming signals to interrupt the communications system of the drone Read More
Drone Zoro DZ-B1
MDS - The human presence, Movement and heartbeat Detection System - detects, within 10 - 20 seconds, with almost a 100% accuracy, human presence in all kind of vehicles and its load, specially designing for prison vehicle checks, through Read More
Human Prensence Detector