Drone Zoro DZ-B1  |   High Power DDS Bomb Jammer  |   Human Prensence Detector  |  

MDS - The human presence, Movement and heartbeat Detection System - detects, within  10 - 20 seconds, with almost a 100% accuracy, human presence in all kind of vehicles and its load, specially designing for prison vehicle checks, through simultaneous use of 1 to 4 extremely sensitive geophones (seismic sensors). It greatly improves the working efficiency. The MDS can check the vehicle for escapees within seconds. And this with 99% till 100% precision.
     Military standard rugged airframe;
     Equipped with 19 inch high-defenition dispaly;
     Getac military standard computer with high precision; 
     Adopt extremely sensitive patent-approved geophones (seismic sensors);
     Rapid detection within 10 to 20 seconds; 
     Unique positioning alarm function;
     Distinctive automatic noise reduction function; 
     Typical four vehicles detection simultaneously; 
     With the most sensitive one-key prison setting;
     Most professional and authoritative data algorithm; 
     Double battery charges ensure 13 hours working continuously;
     High strength and flexible exclusive data cable; 
     Equipped with industrial high-strength automatic reel; 
    Border Security
    Prisons and other correction facilities
    Homeland Security
    Entrance security at Critical infrastructures
    Port Security