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The IED Jammer is a reliable IED Jamming System with Advanced DDS technology. It can neutralize an RCIED (Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device) detonation systems.Ultra-broadband frequency bands ranges from 450-2500Mhz. Vehicle mounted and portable design make the device dual-use.
Name: High Power DDS Bomb Jammer
Model: BQX-BJ-V1                
The Master uses advanced DDS technology to ensure the full coverage of interference bands. The device equips with US military specification box, which is anti-dust, anti-shock and anti-broken. Detachable module design make the follow-up after-sales service easy and without any impact on other modules when the broke module is taken out.
This Bomb Jammer can be used by Infantry unit, Military security forces, Special police team, Anti-terrorism forces, Riot Control, VIP Protection, Electronic Countermeasure, etc.