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Company Profile
Beijing SZMID High Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SZMD), established in 2006, is a China leading supplier for security sysytems with strong R&D capability, professional sales & engineering team to provide wide-range high quality security devices & solutions to customers around the world.
SZMD has been specialized in the R&D of portable UAVs-defender system , Bomb jamming system, Entrance cell phone detector, Audio recorder jammers & Video recorder jammers, Wireless bug detectors & Spy camera hunters and so   on.Especially MDS (The human presence, Movement and heartbeat Detection System) for prison has a big lead among  the competitors. 
After almost 10 years of fast development, SZMD owns independent intellectual property for all of its core products and gets the certifications from National ministry of public security, PLA secrecy committee, Radio management committee and so on. 
Our products are widely applied in the high end fields of governments security, prison jails, law enforcement,  public security, and military missions.
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